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Accommodations in Klijndijk

Klijndijk is a village in the municipality of Borger-Odoorn with more than 800 inhabitants. Klijndijk lies in a wooded area on the edge of the Valtherbos. Due to its location along the N34, the village is well accessible. Klijndijk had a public primary school called 't Schienvat (De Lantaren), but it was closed due to a declining number of students in August 2013. Besides a restaurant, Klijndijk does not have its own facilities and is fully appointed at Odoorn or Emmen, where it is located between.

Klijndijk is a mining village named after Jasper Klijn from Smilde, who took the initiative around the construction of the Oranjekanaal around 1850. This channel, which runs from Smilde to Klazienaveen, was built to exploit the Eeserveen, the Odoornerveen and the veins at Emmen. Klijndijk is on a side branch of this canal: the so-called Odoorner side roof.

Stichting Dorpsfeest Klijndijk organizes a village party five-yearly. The foundation dates back to 1995, but the village party is already organized since 1980. The occasion was the 50th anniversary of the public primary school 't Schienvat. In the month of June, the village party has a fairly traditional program, namely: Friday evening a parade through the village, a playback show and a closing dance night with live music (party evening especially for the villagers); Saturday, all kinds of (sporting) activities and in the evening a celebrating party with live band (holiday for the region); Sunday afternoon, in the end, a braderie with musical framing and other activities (party dinner for the region).

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Klijndijk

Drenthe, Klijndijk
  • Bedroom with private sanitary facilities
  • Campfire site for dry wood fires
  • Suitable for families of all ages
  • Located on the edge of the Valther forest for hiking and mountain biking
  • Soccer-volleybal-trampoline sports field