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Hollandscheveld is one of the outlying villages in the municipality of Hoogeveen. The village center has about 4500 inhabitants and the rural area around the village is about 1000.

Just like the other outer villages, there was initially only ribbon construction. In the 18th century the first workers' houses and farms came to the Hollandscheveldse Opgaande. The first property on the Corner was built in 1728.

Hollandscheveld was widely known by the Boerenopstand in 1963 under the leadership of former Hollandschevelder Hendrik Koekoek, which resulted in riots. One of the farms that was evacuated flared up at night, but the perpetrators of the fire foundation were never found. A monument was unveiled in 1993 at the place where the farm was located.

The Boerenpartij, founded by Hendrik Koekoek, got a lot of attention after the uprising in Hollandscheveld. At the height of her popularity, the Boerenpartij had seven seats in the Lower House. The journalist Bertus ten Caat from Hollandscheveld wrote about the insurrection the book De opstand van de braven.

In total, the village Hollandscheveld counted four registrations in the national register, including the reformed church from 1850. The remaining three registrations concern a traditional traditional farmhouse and its stove and chimney. All parts of the farm originate from around 1830.

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