Accommodations in Sleen

Sleen (in Drents Slien) is a village in the municipality of Coevorden. For 1998 it was also the headquarters of the same-named municipality, but today it is a village of the municipality of Coevorden, about 2250 inhabitants. The building, which until 1998 was the town hall of Sleen, is now being used as a multifunctional center, but as one of the 15 national monuments that Sleen counts.

The oldest spores of habitation date about 4,500 years ago. The hunebeds in this area are the silent witnesses. Once upon a time, Sleen was the headquarters of the game Zuidenveld. This game was a jurisdiction that consisted of the slings, Emmen, Odoorn, Zweeloo, Oosterhesselen, Dalen, Schoonebeek and Roswinkel. In 1518, Sleen is an independent sculptor.

Sleen has a large three-legged church. The church is on the old Heirweg from Groningen to Coevorden. The gothic choir probably originated at the end of the fourteenth century. The church tower is the highest church tower of Drenthe with its 68 meters. After the tip was burned in 1867, the tower received a lantern contour, which was replaced by the current needle punch in 1923. In 1883 the church restoration was completed.

Sleen is situated on two long-distance footpaths: the Pieterpad and the Drenthe Road. In addition, Sleen borders the nature reserve Sleenerzand, which is 1,600 hectares.

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