Group accommodations in Midlaren

Group accommodations in Midlaren

Accommodations in Midlaren

Midlaren is a village in the municipality of Tynaarlo with approximately 350 inhabitants. The village is situated between Noordlaren and Zuidlaren, and the place name is also derived from it. The place appeared in Dutch in 1298, but in 1323 it already appeared in the current spelling. Midlaren has traditionally been a community of small farmers, farmers and craftsmen. Now there are only a few farmers. The original shops have all disappeared at Geert Koers butcher's shop.

At the edge of the village are 2 female beds (D3 and D4) a few meters apart and from some old farmhouses. They are estimated to stem from the Neolithic. These two females are enrolled in the National Monuments Register, together with one of the seven national monuments that Midlaren counts. In addition to these hunebeds there are still three archaeological monuments in Midlaren: a site with remains of a grave field (from the 5th century) and two terrains with both grave hills (one from the Neolithic and / or Bronze Age and one of the Iron Age and / or Bronze time).

The other three state monuments in Midlaren concern farms: two farm farms (one with field barn and one with barn and stove, both from about 1900) and a shrub farm under undulating zadeldak from about 1870.

Meerwijk was a property which was lost in 1942. Until 1924, the family of Swinderen lived on Meerwijk. In 2008 it was restored in ancient glory. The ancient linden in the corner of the Groningerstraat is a familiar point of reference in Midlaren.

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Group accommodation Midlaren

Drenthe, Midlaren
  • At the Zuidlaardermeer
  • Entertainment field
  • Sailing and surfing lessons available