Valkenswaard (in Valkeswird, Brabant) is the most important town in the municipality with the same name. The municipality in Kempen has about 30,000 inhabitants and the town approximately 21,000. The municipality of Valkenswaard is part of the SRE city region and was formed in 1934 by merging the former municipalities of Valkenswaard, Dommelen and Borkel en Schaft.

Valkenswaard had a lot of cigar factories in the 19th and 20th century. Nowadays there's still plenty of light industry in the business park. Tourism is also an important source of income, but Valkenswaard is primarily important as a residence for people who work in Eindhoven or Belgium.

There are several sights in Valkenswaard, including church buildings like the Weerderhuys (a protestant church from 1890-1969), the Ontmoetingskerk (a modern protestant church from 1962), the Saint-Nicolas church (a neo-gothic church, originally from 1860) and the Maria church (a brick parish church from 1953). The Venberg water mill and the Dutch Museum of Lithography are also recommended to visit in Valkenswaard.

The territory of Valkenswaard lies between the valleys of the Dommel and Tongelreep. Near that last river you'll find the fishing ponds of Valkenhorst estate. North of the town you'll find pine forests, partly used by a large, not accessible golf course. There also are a few fens here: Langven, Galgenven, Peetersven, Rietven and Groote Meer. There also are fens south of Valkenswaard, in a heathland area: Schaapsloopven, Brugven, Taamven and Meelbergsven. Some of these are part of nature reserve Malpiebeemden.

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