5 surprising locations for a successful friends weekend

Let Maastricht amaze you

We like to kick off this top 5 with one of the oldest cities in our country: Maastricht. Whatever you’re looking for, this city always offers a solution. Nature, culture, a solextour or a more active afternoon of paintballing. This provincial capital meets every need. Its attractive city center and many historic buildings ensure that everyone’s eyes are popping out. Moreover, for many, the city is not really around the corner, giving the trip an international touch.

Where better to continue an active day than on the famous Vrijthof, where there are almost more terraces than you can count. From there, many restaurants and other entertainment venues are within walking distance.

Get up the next morning fit or like to polish off a little hangover, a canal cruise on the Maas is always a good idea. Moreover, this is a convenient way to discover a large part of the city. Sights such as the Basilica of Our Lady and the Dinghuis should not be missed on the itinerary.

Sleeping is possible in one of the city’s many hotels, or in one of our group accommodations in Maastricht All in all, a weekend is actually too short to see all of Maastricht. Perhaps for next year a friends week would be a better idea?

Burgundian Breda asserts itself

Breda is rightly known as the coziest city in the Netherlands. If you ask the locals about it, even the term “coziest city in the Netherlands” will fly around your ears. The many terraces on and around the main market and the vibrant nightlife have an undeniable share in this. For those few hours of sleep you grab, you can easily rent hotel rooms or other sleeping accommodation in the immediate area.

During a weekend in Breda, it is hard to escape the Burgundian aspects that give the city its pure character. However, if we mention here that everything revolves around food and drink, we do Breda a serious disservice. The city center alone offers plenty of other opportunities to provide entertainment. For example, art and culture lovers can indulge themselves in the local MOTI museum and music lovers are right at home in the Mezz, where appealing names and up-and-coming talents perform every weekend.

Do tastes differ slightly within the group of friends and it’s hard to choose? Then just visit them both. Would you rather sit quietly in the sun with a nice drink in your hand while half the city shoots by? Then step aboard a luxury sloop and view the city from the canal.

Be assured of a hospitable reception? Then the choice is quickly made and Breda is the place to be!

Get lost in Middelburg including group accommodation by the sea

The second provincial capital in the list. Especially if you have never been there before, this city is a breath of fresh air. There are 1100 national monuments in the inner city alone and, in the picturesque streets, it is easy to get lost. Visiting Middelburg’s harbor and climbing the abbey tower do not miss out on the top of the must do lists, a magnificent view is guaranteed to you.

Is your sense of timing excellent? Then you just might find yourself with your nose in the butter and the much-praised mussel festivities are being organized at that very moment. On active days when good food is eaten, good drink is also needed. Middelburg also offers a wide choice of cozy catering establishments until the early hours. By midnight, everything and everyone plops into bed with the same ease in one of the local hotels.

Immerse yourself in bustling Middelburg by day and get a breath of fresh air on the coast by night. That is one of the aspects that make Middelburg a ‘one of a kind’ location, for a successful friends weekend. Would you like to go for a different approach for once? Then check out the available group locations by the sea and get carried away by this unique part of Zeeland.

Immerse yourself completely in Haarlem

As if we care, herewith the next provincial capital in our top 5. This time that of North Holland. Shop, eat, drink, or soak up some culture in various museums. In all these areas, the offer is once again considerable. Besides its churches and squares, Haarlem is also very popular for its famous fields full of flower bulbs. Thousands of visitors from all over the world flock here every year.

Thanks to its location, the city is also known as Amsterdam’s little brother. Which is not to say it can’t be just as much fun. Although sleeping in on men’s weekends like this is seriously overrated, there is plenty of choice in this area as well. From cozy little hotels in the center to more spacious accommodations just outside the city, you’ll have found a unique place to sleep in no time.

Let yourself go in Leiden

To conclude this list, a versatile student city that is perfect for a weekend in the Netherlands. Besides the by now ‘usual’ and much named possibilities in the field of culture, restaurants and activities, Leiden also has its popular Unique Selling Points. For example, the Naturalis Museum or the National Museum of Antiquities.

After enjoying a fine and affordable meal, enjoy the theater or cinema later in the evening with the same ease. Does this all sound just a little too good-natured? Then discover late into the night what makes Leiden a student city par excellence. Sing along with the smartlappen in a large pub or dance in a disco. If that choice proves too difficult, you can always change your mind.

Book your friends weekend right now!

As far as we are concerned, each of these cities is more than worth it and you are more than set for the next 5 years. Does the idea of sleeping at the beach still tingle? Then click here to directly rent a holiday cottage in Zeeland or in one of our other locations.

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