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The wind in your hair, the fresh sea air and the sun’s rays on your skin. A holiday by the sea is the perfect holiday. Are you going on a trip with a whole group? Then choose from one of our large holiday homes by the sea for a great holiday! In our offer you will find a wide range of holiday homes from which you can choose. First of all, of course, it depends on which company you go with. Are you looking for a group accommodation in the Netherlands by the sea for 12, 25 or 30 people? even has a group accommodation by the sea that can accommodate 60 people! Even if you go with a smaller group, there is plenty of choice. In addition, the location is also very important: would you like to be on the Dutch coast? Then choose to rent a holiday home in, for example, Friesland or Zeeland. Are you going for another country, such as Belgium or France? Even then we have a number of holiday homes by the sea that you can choose from!

Large holiday homes by the sea

Renting a holiday home by the sea in the Netherlands offers the opportunity to forget all the stress and routine for a while. So go for a nice, long walk on the beach . Let the fresh wind blow through your hair and enjoy the beautiful view at the same time. If you prefer cycling, you can cycle on the long cycle paths along the dunes. It is never too cold for a walk on the beach during your holiday by the sea in the Netherlands. Dress nice and warm and go outside. Afterwards you can drink a nice hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream or a cup of tea on the boulevard. A holiday home by the sea is perfect for a holiday with your (grand) children. The Dutch coast is a big playground for children. Playing with the waves of the sea, taking stale bread and feeding the seagulls, or looking for the most beautiful shells and stones together. Or how about adventurous walking on the beach poles, catching crabs or building sandcastles together?

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