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Enjoy a cozy time together in a vacation home during spring break! Whether you choose a relaxing weekend away in your own country or a child-friendly holiday park just across the border in Belgium or Germany, it is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wonderful holiday with the whole family . So take a quick look at our offer

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Rent group accommodation during the spring break

Spring break is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all with the whole family, relatives or group of friends, and a group accommodation is ideal for this.
While the children have a whole week off from school and the days are slowly getting longer, the sun is slowly showing itself.
Enjoy a relaxing time in a beautiful, rural and cozy Limburg landscape, discover new adventures together in Drenthe, the province of the dolmens, or explore the more northerly areas of Groningen and Friesland. The group accommodations are perfect for socializing, cooking and eating in a spacious kitchen, relaxing with a cup of coffee or a drink on the large terrace, and chatting and playing games in the living room.
In addition, you can of course explore the area in which you are staying together.
This way you get to know each other even better and create beautiful memories that you will remember fondly long after the holiday.

Holiday home in the Netherlands during the spring break

Why not spend spring break in the Netherlands ? With a large group, you often have to take different wishes into account.
A big advantage of a group accommodation in the Netherlands during spring break is that you don’t have to spend hours in the car.

From mid-February, spring break begins for many, with the children having a few days off from school and the first rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds.
Go out with your family, group of friends or acquaintances to, for example, the Achterhoek, Gelderland or Zeeland. What are your plans for spring break?
Think of a wonderful weekend away to beautiful Drenthe.
Drenthe offers lots of fun activities, such as the Drents museum, the Hunebedcentrum and Wildlands Advertentures zoo.
All great outings where both adults and children can have a great time.

Looking for spring break adventure?
How about a winter sports holiday?

Many holidaymakers cherish the desire to go on winter sports during the spring holidays. You can choose to go out with your own family, but also with family or friends. If you’re looking for a destination close to home, you might want to consider going to Winterberg , Germany. Winterberg is a popular tourist spot with an altitude of 668 meters, where the snow is fairly certain. Enjoy your winter sports holiday in Winterberg together with everyone else in a large holiday home, so that you can really enjoy a holiday together. In addition, there are also numerous group accommodations in
from which you can choose for your weekend away, midweek or week away.

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