Group accommodation Ascension rental

  • Long weekend away
  • Plenty of opportunities
  • For large and small groups

Whether you take a weekend away on Ascension with the family, the whole family or with your group of friends…. It’s always enjoyable. The weather is better and the light is longer. In the Netherlands there are plenty nice spots to spend a long weekend together on Ascension. Enjoy a good glass of wine on a terrace or go out into nature. But Belgium and Germany also have a lot to offer!

A vacation home by the sea during Ascension

Experience the island feeling at one of the Wadden Islands or unwind in lovely Limburg, or the Veluwe or in Groningen. Or head to the beach and choose a vacation home by the sea. Taking delightful beach walks in the sun and maybe take a refreshing dip in the sea (if you’re a little lucky). But how about a picnic together? Meanwhile, you’ll have beautiful sea view.

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Large holiday home rentals with Ascension

large holiday home in the Netherlands during your Ascension weekend is the perfect place to get together with family or friends. Close to home but still enjoy each other’s company in a different environment during the Ascension weekend. Spend the night in a family bungalow or villa, an authentic farmhouse or a luxury group home. On the coast, in the countryside, near bustling cities or in the middle of nature. Our selection consists of more than 1,300 different large holiday homes and there is sure to be a group accommodation that suits your needs. The group accommodations in the Netherlands can accommodate 10 people20 people, or even 50 people up to 75 people.

Ascension to Belgium

Also Belgium is a good option to consider for a weekend away for Ascension. For example, go for an accommodation in the Ardennes. From your holiday home you will imagine yourself in another world for a while, thanks to the beautiful nature. Enjoy together the vast forests, beautiful walks through the hilly landscape, or the cosy terraces in one of the small villages during your weekend away at Ascension. Do you feel more like the city? Then you can also choose a holiday home in Antwerp. Here you will enjoy together the beautiful walking and cycling routes through the wooded areas, the tastiest locally brewed beers and delicious cheeses. Go out to the cities of Antwerp, Mechelen and Turnhout, or visit beautiful nature reserves.

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