Over 1300 group accommodations and holiday homes

Over 1300 group accommodations and holiday homes -


The best group accommodations in the Netherlands

With over 1300 holiday homes for both small and large groups in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, we have been the market leaders in the renting of group accommodations since 1992. Whether you're looking for the perfect family home or a great location for a meeting, we have a wide range of choice for all kinds of groups of at least 6 people. From simple and affordable camping farms to luxurious villas for an exclusive group stay.

The Netherlands has a lot to offer for holidays or weekend trips. The 12 provinces each have their own characteristics for all tastes. We might not have white beaches or majestic waterfalls, but this small country boasts plenty of nature.

How about the gorgeous hilly landscapes in a holiday home in Limburg, a group accommodation in the lovely province of Drenthe, or the unspoiled nature of the Veluwe? A family home in Zeeland or a house in the lap of nature on a camping site in Friesland? In short, the Netherlands offers ample beauty for a lovely weekend trip or holiday.

The Search & Book function quickly shows you which homes are available. It is important to decide beforehand when you are planning to book a stay. Use our handy date and location calender. This allows you to easily plan your stay with your family, friends or colleagues.

We are also available to help you make your choice or answer your questions at number + 31 487 59 46 41


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