Lowest price guarantee

Groepen.nl offers a wide range of group accommodations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, among others. In addition to the many options for group overnight stays, Groepen.nl also offers a unique service: Booking with Lowest Price Guarantee.

This means that with Groepen.nl you are always assured of the lowest price for your group stay. If you find a lower price elsewhere for the same group accommodation and period within 24 hours of booking, you will be refunded the difference. This way you can always be sure of the best deal for your group stay.

Additional benefits

In addition to the Lowest Price Guarantee, Groepen.nl also offers other benefits, such as a wide range of group accommodations and personal advice. So you can always find the perfect group accommodation for your group, whether you are looking for a holiday home for a fun weekend away with friends, or a group stay for a company outing or team building activity.

In short, at Groepen.nl you are always assured of the best deal for your group stay thanks to the Lowest Price Guarantee. This way, you can fully enjoy an unforgettable group experience, without paying too much.

Moreover, your deposit with us is always insured against a possible bankruptcy of the owner. Read more: Group Accommodation Guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions:

  • The lowest price guarantee only applies to exactly the same accommodation, with exactly the same departure date and departure times, number of people and ages involved.
  • The lowest price guarantee applies to the rental price.
  • If you want to claim the lowest price guarantee, you are requested to notify us by e-mail (info@groepen.nl) within 24 hours of booking. As proof, we would like to receive a print screen and/or a link.

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