Kamperland is a village in the Zeeuwse municipality of North Beveland with more than 2000 inhabitants. It is therefore the largest place on the island. The site was formerly known as Campen and is already mentioned in 976. In 1170 Campen was mentioned as an independent parish. It must have been an important place, because the present Veere on Walcheren was formerly called Kampvere; The place from which the feather went to Campen.

Two storms in the 16th century fought North Beveland, where Camps disappeared in the sea. From 1598, North Beveland was re-embedded. After the occupation of the Lord-Janszpolder, the present Kamperland was built at the site of the old Campen, the last of the reconstructed North Commanding places. Unlike at Colijnsplaat, Kats, Kortgene, Geersdijk, and Wissenkerke, Kamperland was not planned.

Since the closure of the Zandkreek Dam (1960) and the Veerse Gatdam (1961), Kamperland is on the Veerse Meer. From spring to September, there is still a ferry service at Veere, only for pedestrians and cyclists. From farm village, the place has slowly developed into a tourist center.

Kamperland has four entries in the national register, including the Veerdam from 1850-1930. The remaining three national monuments cover three farms: Bouw- en Plantlust, Land & Zeezicht and a detached brick house with pots of zadeldak.


Zeeland, Kamperland
  • Located on the Veerse lake
  • aqua park (against payment)
  • water ski track (against payment)