Accommodations in Utrecht

A vacation or weekend getaway in a holiday home in Utrecht?

Utrecht is the historical center of the Netherlands with a wealth of castles, fortresses, and churches. However, there are also unique landscapes and internationally renowned festivals. In Utrecht you will find the Utrecht Hill Ridge on which you can enjoy the cycling and hiking routes across the hills. Enjoy all the beauty the province Utrecht has to offer during a vacation or weekend getaway in a holiday home in Utrecht.


In Utrecht, festivals and events are held year round. Visit, for example, a music festival, a historic event, or a fair. Enjoy a lovely weekend getaway from your group accommodation in Utrecht.

The best sights during a vacation or weekend getaway in Utrecht

Dom Church
The skyline of Utrecht would not be complete without the Dom Tower. The old Dom Tower is the city's eyecatcher. With a height of 112 metres (367 ft) and an age of over sixhundred years, it is the highest medieval tower in the Netherlands. Climb the 465 steps of the tower with a tour guide and enjoy the marvelous view from the top.

The Railway MuseumAdventure is closer than you think. In the Railway Museum you will travel through time in trains that you will discover and learn about. And there are many more exciting adventures. For example, the Trial by Fire, the award winning 4D-simulator in which you can drive a train.

Escape Room
Nothing is what it seems. Experience an exciting and interactive adventure together with your family, or favorite colleagues. Step into the MYSTERIUM and leave the world as it is. You have no time to lose! Follow the clues, crack the code, and earn your freedom. You only have one hour, so you better be quick. 

Maxima Park
On the western side of Utrecht, in the center of the Leidsche Rijn quarter, greenery takes control of the landscape. The Maxima Park, established in 2013, is just as large as the city center of Utrecht and is a lovely location for a walk or a picnic.

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