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Woerden is a city and municipality in the western Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht, in the east of the Green Heart. The municipality consists of the towns of Woerden, Harmelen, Kamerik and Zegveld. The municipality of Woerden has 51,622 inhabitants (30 April 2017, source: CBS) and the city of Woerden has 36,310 inhabitants (1 January 2014).

Woerden dates back to Roman times, when the castellum Laurium was founded on this spot around 41 AD, on a natural height. This castellum was a camp along the northern border of the Roman Empire, which was formed by the Rhine, now the Old Rhine. Laurium was in use until about 270. A number of Roman ships have been found in Woerden, and a replica has been used for cruises since 2009.

Between 719 and 722 Bonifatius stayed in Woerden to preach. Around the year 795 Woerden was called Wyrda.

Gradually, from the 12th century onwards, Woerden began to be fortified (a castle, ramparts, moats). Around 1160, Godfried van Reenen, the bishop of Utrecht, had a fortification built at the settlement of Worden (sometimes also called Worthene ) on the Oude Rijn. The purpose of the fortification was to counteract the expansionism of the Count of Holland. The town had a wooden church, which burned down in 1202.

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