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Snelrewaard is a hamlet and former municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht, now part of the municipality of Oudewater and for a small part part of Montfoort. The municipality consisted of the hamlet of Lange Linschoten, being two ribbons of buildings on either side of the Lange Linschoten, and the actual hamlet of Snelrewaard: a ribbon of buildings on the north bank of the Hollandse IJssel. Until the construction of the Laan van Snelrewaard in 1980, there was no connecting road between the two ribbons of buildings on the territory of the municipality; only via the neighboring municipality of Oudewater could one get from Snelrewaard to the Lange Linschoten and vice versa. At the time of its dissolution on 1 January 1989, the municipality had fewer than eight hundred inhabitants.

Before the French period, Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten were two high lordships within the province of Holland. Both seigneuries had one owner, who also owned the seigneury of Hekendorp. On 1 January 1812, Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten were merged into the municipality of Linschoten within the Utrecht region. Because the provincial boundaries were restored after the departure of the French, the curious situation arose that the municipality of Linschoten belonged to two provinces from 19 September 1814 to 1 April 1817. When on 1 January 1818 the municipality of Linschoten was divided into four new municipalities, the former lordships of Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten joined forces to form the municipality of Snelrewaard.

The municipal council consisted of a mayor who was shared with Linschoten and a municipal council of seven people. The municipal officials were also employed by the municipality of Linschoten. Snelrewaard did not have its own town hall either. The council met in that of Linschoten. The fire brigade was also shared with the larger neighbouring municipality. For churches, shops, associations and other facilities, the residents had to rely on Linschoten or Oudewater.

Snelrewaard was part of the Groot-Waterschap van Woerden until its dissolution in 1995. Before 1975, the territory was divided into two independent water boards: Snelrewaard and Zuid-Linschoten and the Noord-Linschoten water board.

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