Accommodations in Snelrewaard

Snelrewaard is a hamlet and former municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht, now belonging to the municipality of Oudewater and for a small part to Montfoort. The municipality consisted of the hamlet of Lange Linschoten, which are two buildings on both sides of the Lange Linschoten, and the very hamlet of Snelrewaard: a building belt on the northern shore of the Dutch IJssel. Until the construction of the Laan of Snelrewaard in 1980 there was no connecting route between the two building blocks on the territory of the municipality; Only via neighboring Oudewater one could come from Snelrewaard in the long linschoten and vice versa. At the time of its removal, the municipality had no eight hundred residents on 1 January 1989.

Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten were two high glories in the Netherlands for the French period. Both delights had one owner, who also owned the glory of Hekendorp. On January 1, 1812, Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten joined the municipality of Linschoten in the province of Utrecht. Because the provincial borders were restored after the departure of the French, the remarkable situation that the municipality of Linschoten originated from 19 September 1814 to April 1, 1817, belonged to two provinces. When the municipality of Linschoten disintegrated in four new municipalities on January 1, 1818, former fortunes Snelrewaard and Lange Linschoten together formed the municipality of Snelrewaard.

The municipal council consisted of a mayor who was shared with Linschoten and a council of seven people. The municipal officials were also employed by the municipality of Linschoten. Hurtigrewaard also had no own town hall. The council met in that of Linschoten. The fire department was also shared with the larger neighborhood community. For churches, shops, associations and other facilities, residents were appointed at Linschoten or Oudewater.

Snelrewaard was part of the Groot Waterschap van Woerden until its removal in 1995. For 1975, the territory was divided into two independent water bodies: Snelrewaard and Zuid-Linschoten and the Northern Linschoten water board.

2 nights
6 people

Holidayhome Snelrewaard

Utrecht, Snelrewaard
  • Boat trip with sloop or canoe
  • Private jetty
  • Spacious conservatory
  • Rurally located
  • Close to the major cities
2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation Hekendorp

Utrecht, Snelrewaard
  • On the waterfront
  • Groene Hart
  • Fire place
  • Trampoline
  • Sleeping quarters with their own sanitary facilities