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A holiday or a weekend getaway in a holiday home in Groningen?

Nothing beats a group accommodation in Groningen. Here you can enjoy peace, quiet, space and clean air. Enjoy wind, water and vast lands, alternated with beautiful terp villages, stately farmhouses and centuries-old churches.

Groningen, one of Europe's oldest cultural landscapes

Groningen has one of Europe's oldest cultural landscapes and borders on a Unesco World Heritage site. The province offers so much beautiful and diverse nature, that one day surely isn't enough to visit Groningen. The province of Groningen consists of seven regions, each with its own character, sights and nature. And of course there also is the city of Groningen, the vibrant centre of the North, with shopping and nightlife possibilities. Groningen is an attraction in itself. Groningen is the ideal vacation province for sports-loving people, culture enthusiasts and people who love relaxation.

Unieke groepsaccommodatie in Groningen

In ons aanbod vind je verschillende groepsaccommodaties in Groningen. Wat dacht je van een grote vakantiewoning aan het water met kano's of een groepsaccommodatie met tennisbaan en beachhal voor minimaal 20 personen? Of je nu een groepsaccommodatie in een bosrijke omgeving zoekt of een groepsaccommodatie dichtbij een stad, in ons aanbod vind je alle mogelijkheden die je maar kunt wensen. Ga je voor luxe, dan kun je zelfs kiezen voor een accommodatie met sauna of jacuzzi! Zo kun je met de hele groep ultiem ontspannen tijdens je (mini)vakantie in Groningen. En dat is precies waar een familieweekend, reünie of uitje met vrienden om draait, toch? Zoek je dus nog een bijzondere groepsaccommodatie in Groningen, dan heb je in ons aanbod genoeg keuze voor een bijzondere groepsvakantie!

The nicest sights during a holiday or weekend getaway in Groningen

The Martinitoren is the number one symbol of the city of Groningen. The tower got its present look after multiple lightning strikes. In the Second World War the tower incurred several bullet holes which can still be seen. For the most beautiful and impressive view over the vibrant city of Groningen, it's highly recommended to climb this tower.

Groninger Museum
A visit to the Groninger Museum is one big experience. The building with international flair, the different expositions, the restaurant and the shop with a large range of products are all a must-see.

This location was already inhabited by the Fraeylema family in the early 13th century. Now it's a museum where you can see a portrait of the time from the mid-20th century. Next to the museum you'll find a park with an English style landscape. This is a nice location for a picnic if the weather's nice.

Seal Rehabilitation Centre Lenie ’t Hart
In the small village of Pieterburen you'll find this special seal rehabilitation centre. Small seals who lost their mothers or are ill are taken care of in this centre. Lenie tries to be there for these helpless animals in all aspects. If you visit the centre, you can see exactly how the animals are cared for and which problems they sometimes encounter. There are regularly events being organised and there are different possibilities to book a package.

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