Accommodations in Wirdum

To the south-east of Wirdum, at Eekwerderdraai, lies the castle Rusthoven. To the north of Wirdum, the railway line Groningen – Delfzijl runs. With Enum, Wirdum shared a railway station from 1884 to 1938, namely the stop of Enum.

On the north side of the village is the farm Op Ter Borg, which may have been a foreword of the Bloemhof Monastery in Wittewierum. The farm is first mentioned in the Wierumer Zijlboek in 1470. A façade talks about the farm ‘maecken’ (rebuild or restored) in 1701. In 1860 the farm was rebuilt and after a fire in 1932 the farm was again largely To be rebuilt. In the 1990’s the farm was restored in old style.

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