Group accommodations in Wirdum

Group accommodations in Wirdum

Accommodations in Wirdum

Wirdum (Gronings: Wirrem) is a village in the municipality of Loppersum, in the province of Groningen (Netherlands). The village counted 320 inhabitants in 2008.

The village of Wirdum consists of two wires, separated by the Wirdumermaar. The church of Wirdum, a church of the early 13th century, is situated on top of the largest wilderness, and around it lies the old village center.

In 1894 a 10.6 cm high image of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, was found in Wirdum. On her head she wears a helmet and in the right hand she keeps a flat scale. There are also shards of 'terra sigilata' (Roman pottery) found. Two Roman bronze Mercury statues also refer to Roman contacts. Presumably, the inhabitants of Wirdum identified them with their own gods Wodan and Donar.

To the south-east of Wirdum, at Eekwerderdraai, lies the castle Rusthoven. To the north of Wirdum, the railway line Groningen - Delfzijl runs. With Enum, Wirdum shared a railway station from 1884 to 1938, namely the stop of Enum.

On the north side of the village is the farm Op Ter Borg, which may have been a foreword of the Bloemhof Monastery in Wittewierum. The farm is first mentioned in the Wierumer Zijlboek in 1470. A façade talks about the farm 'maecken' (rebuild or restored) in 1701. In 1860 the farm was rebuilt and after a fire in 1932 the farm was again largely To be rebuilt. In the 1990's the farm was restored in old style.

Wirdummerpolder (when spelled with double m) is the name of the former watership to which Wirdum belonged. The ship's polder mill was on the Wirdumermeedenweg, about 300 meters south of Damsterdiep. The area is now managed by the Noorderzijlvest water board.

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Groningen, Wirdum
  • Directly by the Damsterdiep canal
  • Canoeing and fishing and swimming
  • Near Groningen