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Midwolda is a village in the municipality of Oldambt with more than 2000 inhabitants. Until 1990, Midwolda was an independent municipality and since then Midwolda was part of the municipality of Scheemda. Since 2010, Midwolda belongs to Oldambt Municipality. In the old town hall (2005) there is an English tea house. In the village is a church dating back to 1738, where a famous organ of the German organist Hinsz is located. There are concerts on a regular basis. Before 1738 the church of Midwolda (Kruiskerk) was located north of the village.

The village is known for the only forest of the province of Groningen (the Ennemaborg estate) and its ice skating rink, where marathons are ridden on natural ice during severe winters. South of the village lies the area of ​​the Blauwestad project, an area created by underwater and where a completely new residential community is created with about 1500 homes. This plan had to be completed in 2016, but it has not really come true for building construction.

In total, the village of Midwolda has 22 entries in the national register, including the castle of Ennemaborg and its castle, park, building and entrance gate. The area with the remains of the Midwolda Crusade church is also a national monument. In addition, Farm Hermans Dijkstra with its garden, caravan shed, stoohut and garden shed has five more entries in the national register.

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Groningen, Midwolda
  • Indoor beach hall
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