Group accommodations in Belgium

Accommodations in Belgium

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Belgium: Versatile and cozy

Belgium, everyone knows immediately that the Ardennes are so beautiful. That they have a very nice beer. That the fries are exceptional and the mayonnaise acid. That they speak Flemish, that wonderful (most) direct language. Or French because that is also a national language. There is so much to experience for such a small country.

The east side is rich in forests, mountains and rivers. The Westside is known for its long beaches and busy coastal areas. But there is something for everyone and of course we offer you some nice accommodations in this versatile country

Holiday in Belgium

Are you looking for a holiday destination close to home? Come spend your holiday in Belgium. We offer group accommodations in Belgium suitable for a weekend with friends, a family weekend or for larger companies wanting to get away for a bit. Experience Belgian culture and enjoy Flemish fries, special beers and Belgian chocolate. During your vacation, you can stay at one of our group accommodations in Belgium. From the large holiday homes in Belgium, you can explore the area of the Belgian Ardennes either by bicycle or on foot. Belgium is known for its hilly and mountainous landscapes, offering magnificent views. Thanks to the surroundings, Belgium is suitable for an active holiday as well. For some wonderful relaxation, you can enjoy time at a group accommodation at the Belgian coast or at our group accommodations including wellness.

Where in Belgium would you like to go during your vacation?

Take your pick from the locations below for a wonderful holiday in Belgium, and enjoy your stay at our group accommodations:

Large holiday homes in Belgium

When going on vacation in Belgium with friends or family, you can spend time together with the entire group at one of our large holiday homes in Belgium. Ideal for any kind of company. This way, you won't have to travel a long distance, but you'll still get to be in a new environment 'abroad'. While staying at the group homes in Belgium, in addition to hiking and cycling, you can also visit the beautiful cities like Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. After a day filled with activities, you can enjoy some relaxation at a group accommodation in Belgium for 20 persons, or larger or smaller groups.

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