Group accommodations in Belgisch Limburg

Nothing beats a vacation rental in Limburg! Limburg is an ideal vacation province for sporty people, culture lovers and for people who like to relax. Here you can enjoy peace, space and clean air. From forests to blossoms and vast fields. From your vacation home in Limburg there is certainly enough to see!

Enjoy the natural splendor of Limburg

Limburg is characterized by a varied landscape with vast forests, hills, river valleys and picturesque villages. The Hoge Kempen National Park is an absolute must for nature lovers. Here you can walk and cycle endlessly through moors, forests and along fens. Do not forget to visit the beautiful marl caves, such as the caves of Kanne and the marl quarry of Riemst.

Culinary enjoyment in Limburg

Limburg is known for its culinary delights and hospitality.Taste the delicious regional dishes, such as Limburg flan, asparagus and artisanal cheeses. Visit the cozy regional markets and taste local products directly from the producers. There are also plenty of cozy restaurants, brasseries and terraces where you can enjoy a tasty meal or a refreshing drink.

Historical sights and culture

Limburg has a rich history and this is reflected in its many historical attractions. For example, visit the beautiful historic center of Hasselt, where you can wander through atmospheric streets and admire impressive monuments, such as the Virga Jesse Basilica. The city of Tongeren is also a must, with its Gallo-Roman Museum and the oldest antique market in Belgium. Also, don’t forget to explore the impressive castles and fortresses, such as the Alden Biesen Castle in Bilzen.

Relaxation and wellness

In Limburg, you can also enjoy plenty of relaxation and wellness. Visit one of the many wellness centers and thermal baths in the region and completely unwind. Be pampered with a relaxing massage, enjoy the saunas and plunge pools, and completely unwind in beautiful surroundings.

The natural beauty

Discover the enchanting nature of Limburg with its extensive cycling and hiking routes. Explore the Meuse Valley, the hill country and national parks such as the Hoge Kempen. Admire the unique “salt marshes” along the Meuse River. Discover unique cycling routes such as “Cycling through the Water” in Bokrijk and “Cycling through the Trees” in Bosland. Limburg is a paradise for nature lovers, cyclists and hikers.

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