Accommodations in Ardennes

  • Active stay
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • For small and large groups

Spend time together at a holiday home in the Ardennes?

The Ardennes might just be one of the most beautiful areas in Belgium. The beautiful nature feels like a completely different world. Enjoy the vast forests, take lovely walks through the hills, or relax with a drink in one of the charming small towns.

The Ardennes are great all year round, each season has its own charms and activities to enjoy, like the warm colors of the forests in autumn, the snowy hills in winter, the blossoming nature in spring and the beautiful sunny summers. The Ardennes pleases everyone. Go kayaking, cycling or rent a quad and go on an adventure! The Ardennes also has tons of stunning old castles and charming villages to visit.

Active weekend away in the Ardennes

Are you a fan of sporty activities? Then the Ardennes is the place for you. This beautiful area is ideal for cycling and hiking. Relax and unwind back at your family home after a long walk or cycling trip. Enjoy your family or friends weekend.


Enjoy the most beautiful places in the Ardennes during the whole year

You can come to the Ardennes year round, each season has its charms and activities. Whether it's the warm colored forests during the fall, the snowy hills in the winter, the blossoming nature in spring or the beautiful summer. The Ardennes have something for everyone. Go kayaking, enjoy a beautiful bike tour, or rent a quad and go on an adventure! Prefer some calmer activities? The Ardennes have countless beautiful, old castles and cozy villages worth a visit.

The most fun group activities in the Ardennes

The Caves of Han-sur-Lesse

Just outside the village of Han-sur-Lesse, you will find the Caves of Han-sur-Lesse. For more than a hundred years, the caves have been one of the most popular attractions in the Ardennes. You will be taken to the caves by a vintage streetcar. A guide will be waiting for you for a tour of the caves. You will be taken to the most famous halls, and in the Room of Weapons, you will see a light show with mysterious music.

Spa, the pearl of the Ardennes

Everyone knows the Spa brand, of course. You probably enjoy a glass of Spa red or Spa blue from time to time yourself. The water comes from the sources that lie in the Ardennes. Spa is also called the pearl of the Ardennes, because of the many excellent hotels and beautiful shops. If you want to completely unwind, visit the Thermes of Spa and enjoy a wonderful treatment and the hot water baths.

Plopsa Coo

There is something for everyone in the Ardennes and therefore also for the little ones. Pay a visit to the Plopsa Coo amusement park. The park is close to the Waterfalls of Coo, so it is also easy to combine these trips. The young children can play with Kabouter Plop, and older children can ride around in a cart! Everyone can enjoy themselves in the large playground, so nobody will get bored.


Castle of Bouillon

If you are in the southern part of the Ardennes, pay a visit to the medieval castle of Bouillon. The castle is located by the river Semois, and you have a beautiful view over the city from the castle . In the courtyard of the castle you can admire a bird of prey show with large falcons.


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