Nieuwvliet (in the common sense Sinte Pier) is a small village in the municipality of Sluis, in the Dutch province of Zeeland. The village has about 500 inhabitants and consists in two parts: Nieuwvliet-Dorp and Nieuwvliet-Bad. Nieuwvliet-Village is located two kilometers from the coast. Around 1600 the first building was created. In addition to the Dutch Reformed Church, much of the original building is not over. Most residents live in this part. There is some middle school and a small village school. Nieuwvliet-Bad is located directly on the coast. Here are many campsites and recreational parks. The wide sandy beach is the main reason for the strong tourism activities in this part of the village. The village has only a few streets. The main street is the Dorpsstraat to which the church is located and which is characterically closed by a mill hull. An interesting point of interest is therefore the Protestant church from 1658: a simple brick hall with a square roof rack. The church ran out of war in 1944 and was restored in 1949. From the time of the foundation, a white painted pulpit, a baptismal gate and a chandelier are still stemmed. Furthermore, the Molen van Nieuwvliet (from 1850), the Molen Luteyn (the remains of a mill from 1859) and the Museum de Karekasse (on the Cadzand costume) are worth visiting. In the vicinity of Nieuwvliet are beautiful old polar dams along which there are sometimes nodewolves. The most important nature reserve is the Verdronken Zwarte Polder with shrubs and dune structures. A hiking trail has been set in this area.


Holidayhome Nieuwvliet-bad

Zeeland, Nieuwvliet
  • Sauna
  • near Bruges and Ghent
  • near the beach

Holidayhome Nieuwvliet-Bad

Zeeland, Nieuwvliet
  • renovated
  • beach within walking distance
  • spacious garden