Holten is a village in the region of Salland, which belongs to the municipality of Rijssen-Holten and has almost 10000 inhabitants. Holten is located on the Holterberg at the southern end of the Sallandse Heuvelrug. On the east side is De Borkeld, an area that stretches between Holten, Markelo and Rijssen. On the south side lies the Beuseberg neighborhood. This neighborhood is characterized by a very varied landscape. On the west side is the neighborhood Dijkerhoek, where the mill is De Hegeman. In addition, Espelo is a neighborhood company. Immediately adjacent to the village lies the so-called Lookerenk on a hilly terrain, which passes into a forest area called De Zuurberg. To the south, there are vast pastures

The village used to be an agricultural community. In the twentieth century Tourism also became an important source of income. Since the beginning of the 1960s, there have been a number of industrial and service companies.

On Holterberg lies the Holten Canadian War Cemetery and the Natural Diorama Holterberg. In 2011, the information center was opened by princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven with the unveiling of the artwork "For all generations". This artwork was donated by the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund and was designed and performed by artist Annemiek Punt.

Holten counts four churches: the village church Holten (Dutch-Reformed, PKN), the Reformed Church De Kandelaar (PKN) Holten, the R.K. Parish St. Joseph New-Heeten / Holten (since 1965) in the building Irene and the evangelical town of De Loofhut.

There are three hiking routes through / along Holten: Pieterburen Pieterburen on the Groningen Waddenkust to Sint Pietersberg at Maastricht, the Marskramerpad (part of the Handelsweg (E11)) from Osnabrück to Deventer and the Overijsselpad (LAW 2) from Steenwijk to Enschede.


Holiday Farmhouse Holten

Province of Overijssel, Holten
  • Unique playing forest
  • Campfire area
  • Rustic farmhouse

Holiday Farmhouse Holten

Province of Overijssel, Holten
  • Hot tub and sauna
  • Large play field
  • Entire accommodation free of doorsteps