Hapert is a village in the municipality of Bladel with more than 5000 inhabitants. The village has relatively much greenery and a lively market square. Here are some works of art such as the Fountain with Scales, an image group serving as a fountain, placed in 1995 at the opening of the renovated Market. There is also a triangular hoof called the Alexanderhof, with a music tick and planted with trees. Here you can find the Kuuske Rider (a bronze image from 1971) and the 1954 Mariakapel.

In the 18th century, Hapert knew a teut that acted in leeches. Treatment with these animals was attributed to a medical beneficial effect. There was also a pharmacy where he sold this medicine. Traditionally, a pharmacy was provided with a gaper above the entrance. The trader became the nickname for the inhabitants of Hapert. In addition, the Hapertenians are called gaopers because they often think of what they look like in their surroundings.

Hapert was formerly far from wealthy and contained many needy people, and because the workers could not always find work they often had to resort to the poverty line. Nowadays this is different. Hapert is located along a busy road across from a large business area.

The parish of Hapert was divorced from Hoogeloon in 1819 and received a neo-Gothic church in 1858. This was replaced by the present in 1923. The former parsonage and the Korenmolen, together with archaeological monuments, are part of the seven registrations in the national monument register which Hapert counts. There are also eight municipal monuments in the village.

North Brabant, Hapert
  • Many play facilities
  • Enclosed garden
  • Various lodges
North Brabant, Hapert
  • Every family gets their own farm lodge
  • Sleeping in a luxury bed box
  • Holiday park with facilities within walking distance
North Brabant, Hapert
  • Bedrooms with private sanitary facilities
  • Playground-Swimming pool and bowling alley within walking distance
  • Several terraces and playing fields
North Brabant, Hapert
  • Brand new stylish decor
  • rooms with private bathroom
  • modern kitchen with cooking island
North Brabant, Hapert
  • Rooms with a private bathroom
  • Just your group on site
  • Meeting facilities