The best group activities: What to do in Utrecht

Choosing a suitable location for a fun group outing can cause you a lot of stress. The city of Utrecht shows that this is actually not necessary. For years, the city has been one of the nicest places for a fun day or a weekend away full of high-profile activities. Are you planning a group outing with your friends, colleagues, family, or teammates? Utrecht is the place to be. In this blog, we introduce you to 5 fun group activities that guarantee a successful outing.

Get to know Utrecht from the water

When you think of Utrecht, there is a good chance that the Dom, the Utrecht Ridge and its beautiful canals will flash through your mind in no time. That’s one of the reasons why there’s no better way to explore the city from the water. This can be done as actively as you wish. Let everyone climb on a surfboard and make your way through the water while supping, take a seat behind the helm of a rented sloop or opt for the canoe when the weather is nice. Do you prefer a slightly more luxurious way of sailing? Even then, there is certainly no man overboard. Hop aboard a luxury canal boat with the whole group and enjoy a delicious dinner during the trip. Is 1 day not enough for you to discover Utrecht? Make a weekend of it and book a group accommodation in Utrecht.

Visit one of the many summer festivals

With summer approaching, they are popping up like mushrooms again: festivals. And rightly so, of course, because who doesn’t love it? Whether your interest lies in jazz music, exotic food or dancing until the early hours of the morning, everything will pass by during the various events. Between 19 July and 4 August, visit the parade for live music and theatre performances or the Leidsche Rijn Festival when an outing with children is on the programme. This festival is dedicated to many workshops and music and theater performances for the youngest. Are you dancing in the sun to the best house, techno and disco beats? Then Lief Festival, which will take place on September 7, will not disappoint for a second. On site, located at a leisure park, it’s easy to stay cool while paddling thanks to the waters that surround the stages. All this, of course, while enjoying a cool drink in hand.

Take part in one of the active games

Utrecht is bustling and there is always life on the streets. This makes the city a popular city for work & team outings or an unforgettable bachelor weekend. A fact that many companies cleverly respond to. Are you looking for an active afternoon in game form? Then the offer is considerable. Is everyone crazy about taking pictures? Challenge each other to complete assignments during a Get the Picture afternoon. Is the group a bit more adventurous? Then the Expedition Robinson game or an active scooter rally will undoubtedly offer a solution. These and many other activities can be booked through local event service agencies and each offer a unique opportunity to get to know Utrecht in its own unique way.

Visit one of the many museums

If you prefer a day full of art and culture, Utrecht is the city to be. Have you always wanted to know everything about the more than 175-year history of all train traffic? Then indulge yourself in the local railway museum. It is also possible to view the largest collection of Rietveld objects and Dick Bruna works. To do this, you will visit the Centraal Museum, which saw the light of day in 1838, making it the oldest municipal museum in the Netherlands. With an impressive total of 25 different museums, there is plenty to see and discover in many areas. Which one are you going for?

Stick around a little longer and book a group accommodation in Utrecht

In summary, Utrecht is an exciting, beautiful city and 1 day is far from enough to experience it in fullness. Is this certainly not enough for you and is everyone eager to fully immerse yourself in this city? Then book 1 of the nearby group accommodations in the Netherlands now and experience a weekend that will be talked about for a long time to come.

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