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Wemeldinge is a village in the Dutch province of Zeeland, located on the Eastern Scheldt and the northern mouth of the Canal through Zuid-Beveland, with about 3100 inhabitants. Until 1970 it was an independent municipality, since then it has been part of the municipality of Kapelle. Kapelle is about 3 kilometers away and can be reached quickly via the Wemeldingse Zandweg. Wemeldinge is surrounded by many meadows. On the north side of this village is the Oosterschelde National Park, the largest national park in the Netherlands.

Until 1992, ships at Wemeldinge had to use one of the three locks that made it possible to reach the Eastern Scheldt via the Canal through Zuid-Beveland. These were respectively the small lock, the middle lock and the large lock. The small lock had not been in use since 1973. Nowadays this lock is used by pleasure craft to enter the Oosterschelde from the marina. Since 1992, however, it has been possible to sail directly. This was made possible by the commissioning of a new branch of the canal. The dikes along the canal have been raised to delta height.

In the village there is a church built on an elevation from the 14th century (tower) and 15th century (nave and choir). East of the church is the highest vliedberg in Zeeland with a height of twelve meters, a vliedberg on the other side of the church with a height of fourteen meters has completely disappeared. There are two windmills in Wemeldinge, De Hoop from 1866 and the Aeolus from 1869. Furthermore, a part of the village, the Dorpsstraat, planted with lime trees, has been designated a protected townscape, one of the protected townscapes and townscapes in Zeeland.

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