Accommodations in Vrouwenpolder

Vrouwenpolder (in Zeeuws Den Polder) is a village in the Zeeuwse municipality of Veere with more than 1100 inhabitants. Vrouwenpolder is located at the northern tip of Walcheren, near the Veerse Gatdam connecting the island with North Beveland. It has a wide North Sea beach, which is partly relatively quiet during the summer. Nevertheless, tourism is a major source of income in this town. Near Vrouwenpolder lies the nature zone of the Orange Zone. The village is accessible via the N57, which runs from Middelburg to Europoort. Vrouwenpolder, compared to other Walcherse villages, was relatively late: the chapel dedicated to Maria (Our Lady, whose name is derived from the village) was built in the fourteenth century, in an area that was inhabited a century before. In 1588 Fort de Haak was built to cover the entrance of the Veerse Hoop. In 1809 the English, who destroyed the empire of the Napoleans, destroyed the fort in the same year, the fortress, which is no longer over an empty plain behind the dune row. Vrouwenpolder formed an independent municipality from 1816 to 1966, to which Breezand, Gapinge (1857), Schellach and Zanddijk Buiten belonged. After that time, the village belonged to the municipality of Veere. There are a total of five national monuments in Vrouwenpolder. These are three houses, a working house and the Pilgrim church of the Dutch Reformed Church.

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