Rijpwetering is a village and belongs to the municipality of Kaag and Braassem. Ripwetering was originally a livestock village and currently houses about 1600 inhabitants. Until 2009 Rijpwetering fell under the former municipality of Alkemade.

There are several monuments in Rijpwetering, including several windmills: the Adermolen, the Blue Mill, the Buurtermolen, the Moppemolen, the Waterless Mill, the twelve-sided Lijkermolen number 1 and Lijkermolen number 2. All these mills are part of the thirteen entries in the National register in Rijpwetering. The Inn De Vergulden Vos (originally a courthouse) is also a national monument, as well as Our Ladybearing Church and four farms. Rijpwetering also has fourteen municipal monuments.

A well-known Ripper is Joop Zoemelk, winner of the Tour de France in 1980. Although milk was born in The Hague, he moved to Rijpwetering after several months. There is a statue of Joop Sweet Milk in the village.

Rijpwetering is located in a collection of meadows, separated from the sea by cities like Noordwijk and Sassenheim and the lake Zweiland. In the south, the meadows around Rijpwetering are bordered by the A4, after which more meadows follow until the rebuilt area is reached. The sea is reachable at a distance of 20 to 30 kilometers and leads through Leiden.


Holiday farm Rijpwetering

South Holland, Rijpwetering
  • Fully furnished tent houses
  • Pizza oven
  • In the Green Heart
  • Farm animals
  • Campfire place