Accommodations in South Holland

A holiday or weekend away in a group accommodation in South Holland?

Everything that is typically the Netherlands can be found in South Holland. World-famous seaside resorts such as Zandvoort and Schreveningen, polders and windmills, Dutch towns and a world port. Do you want to get a breath of fresh air on the coast? Would you like to discover the ditches and the succulent grass of the green heart? Would you like to admire the courtyards, the market square and the vistas in a city in South Holland? Whatever you do during a holiday or weekend away in a group accommodation in South Holland: You should preferably do this province at a traditional Dutch pace. And that means putting on your walking shoes or taking your bike.

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South Holland has many large cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Delft. Cities that are brimming with conviviality. During your weekend away in a group accommodation in South Holland, discover Oranjestad Delft with its rich history and culture, visit the Binnenhof in The Hague, go for a walk on the boulevard in Scheveningen and visit Rotterdam for some shopping!

A day full of experience that you will not soon forget. The most beautiful spring park in the world offers a unique scent and colour experience, more than 20 spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens and many vibrant events.

In this park with scale models, you can see all the important places in the Netherlands and admire groundbreaking Dutch designs in a few hours. Visit the miniature park Madurodam and regulate air traffic at Schiphol, operate the miniature cranes in the port of Rotterdam or stroll through mini versions of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands.

The Euromast is the icon of Rotterdam where you can eat, drink, sleep, party, abseil and of course enjoy the most beautiful view of the city! Did you know that when the weather is clear, you can see as far as Antwerp? Or that you can dine at 100 meters?

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