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Staphorst is a municipality and a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The municipality has about 16500 inhabitants of which about 1,000 live in the village itself. The village of Staphorst is the fifth largest town in Northwest Overijssel (also called the Kop van Overijssel), after the towns of Kampen, Steenwijk, IJsselmuiden and Genemuiden. In the eastern part of the Staphorster territory is the Boswachterij Staphorst (Staatsbosbeheer) with the recreational pond the Zwarte Dennen.

Together with Rouveen, Staphorst is a typical example of ribbon development on the Oude Rijksweg/Gemeenteweg. A striking feature of Staphorst and Rouveen are the (bright) green shutters in combination with (bright) blue window frames, doors with a so-called tree of life above the front door and the traditional costume that used to be worn by men and women from young to old (and is worn less and less nowadays). Since 1937, the General Local Ordinance has stipulated that it is forbidden “to photograph someone on or near the road without their permission”. In the past (until 1970) it was a tradition in Staphorst for the children to build a farm behind the parents’ farm. This often resulted in a number of farms in succession. Due to lack of space, this is rarely done these days.

A gradually increasing source of income is tourism, especially in the summer months. For this purpose, the Staphorst Days have been held for years in the months of July and August, on three consecutive Wednesdays. During these days there are demonstrations of old crafts; in and around Museum Staphorst there are traditional costume shows.

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