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Markelo is a village in the municipality of Hof van Twente with about 7500 inhabitants. Until the municipal reorganization of January 1, 2001, the village was the headquarters of the same town of Markelo. The landscape around the village is sloping to a height of more than 40 meters. To the west of the village lies the Markelose Berg of Markelerberg, at the top of which the Provincial resistance monument Overijssel is located. Near the Markelose Mountain, on the small hill De Hulpe, there is a chapel with a marvelous maria image entitled 'Our (Lady) Lady in Help' (The Help, Mary, Help of Christians). About five kilometers west of the village is a 148 meter high television tower, which serves as support for the television and radio stations. This tower was built in 1958 and was then 173 meters high: 108 meters tower and 65 meters mast. In 2007, the mast was shortened by 25 meters because the analogue antennas became redundant. The tower includes mast now 148 meters high (the picture shows the old situation). The building is about 23 centimeters out of the lead. A miniature version of this transmission mast is in Madurodam in The Hague. Since the seventies, Markelo has been a popular tourist destination especially during the summer months. There are several sights and the rolling countryside around the village is ideal for a walk or a bike ride. In the center of Markelo next to Markelo Tourist Info is the museum farm Eungs Schöppe. In the center is also the De Hoop-mill, which was restored in 1991, near the town of Markelo. The castles are Weldam and Wegdam. The site houses dozens of national monuments, including farms, outbuildings, garden streets and graveyards.

2 nights
6 people

Holidayhome Markelo

Province of Overijssel, Markelo
  • Large play field
  • Play barn
  • Taking a look at the calves

Group accommodation Markelo

Province of Overijssel, Markelo
  • 3 Lodges waarvan 1 met verdieping
  • Houtgestookte hottub
  • Pelletkachel
  • Vaatwasser

Holiday home Markelo

Province of Overijssel, Markelo
  • 2 naast elkaar gelegen lodges
  • Pelletkachels
  • Regendouche

Holiday home Markelo

Province of Overijssel, Markelo
  • Bedstede
  • Aparte tent voor 2 personen
  • Badkamer met regendouche
  • Vaatwasser
  • Pelletkachel