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Diepenheim (Lower Saxony: Deep'n) is a town in the municipality of Hof van Twente in the Dutch province of Overijssel, located at the Regge. Diepenheim is a center for visual arts and is also famous for the castles and gardens and the landscaped gardens and parks.

Diepenheim is one of the eight medieval cities in Twente. It originated in the glory of Diepenheim, which was first owned by the Diepenheims and in the second half of the twelfth century, by the marriage of the inheritance daughter Regenwice van Diepenheim, came from the graves of Dahl. In 1331 the glory was sold to the bishop of Utrecht.

In 1224 the chapel of the Huis Diepenheim was elevated to parish church and its corresponding territory separated from the parish of Markelo, where Diepenheim belonged to then church. The church is dedicated to John the Evangelists have been serving as Dutch-Reformed Church since the 17th century (see Johanneskerk). During the Reformation, the population of Diepenheim was predominantly converted into protestantism, but the population of the neighborhood of Markvelde belonging to Diepenheim remained in a large majority of Roman Catholicism.

In contrast to, for example, the Twente cities of Enschede or Oldenzaal, industrialization in the 19th century and beyond at Diepenheim passed. It was the inhabitants of the smallest town in Twente. Hence the pet name Stedeke. Partly due to the presence of the feudal estates and castles around the core, it has been preserved over its centuries. Until the 20th century labor in the agricultural sector has been the main source of income for residents. As far as known, Diepenheim has never officially received city rights. However, Mr. van Diepenheim seems to have provided some sort of city law. A document about this would be lost in 1597, when the old archive was destroyed by fire. The city law was re-issued in 1602 in the form of the new city book.

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