Accommodations in Denekamp

Denekamp is a place in the municipality of Dinkelland with about 9000 inhabitants. Outside the center of Denekamp are some extensive residential areas with a lot of greenery. The place originated in a place where the flood water of the river Dinkel, which was still run by the municipality, was out of reach.

By the 15th century Denekamp was a relatively small village with 100 houses spread over a single village street near a church. This church was raised from Bentheimer sandstone in the 13th century and the tower was later built. The church is dedicated to Saint Nicolaas and still forms the center of the village. The tower of this Saint Nicolas church is one of the 47 national monuments that Denekamp counts. Denekamp is still characterized by Roman Catholic faith. In her surroundings are some monasteries and the franciscans of Denekamp form a separate congregation.

At Denekamp is the estate Singraven. Close to this estate, which is not publicly accessible, is the historic watermill Singraven. In addition, there are two wind turbines in Denekamp, ​​the Borgelink mill and the New Mill or Sint Nicolaasmolen. Climbing and midwinter hornblowers are ancient and popular traditions in Denekamp. Snow routes are also used for cross-country skiing. In spring, the traditional Easter uses take place in Denekamp. This begins with the egg yolk on Palm Sunday and then get the wood on Easter Saturday. On Easter Day, Easter Passion and Easter Fire take place.

Furthermore, Denekamp is the oldest Natural History Museum of the Netherlands: Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente (Natura Docet = teaches nature). This museum was founded in 1911 by the village teacher Bernink. The building has been renovated and refurbished in recent years and since 2006 there is a so-called experience garden with various biotopes arranged in an outdoor area of ​​about one and a half hectares.

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Villa Denekamp

Province of Overijssel, Denekamp
  • Two fireplaces
  • Partly covered porch
  • Indoor playground