Balkenbrug is a village in the municipality of Hardenberg and has a small 4000 inhabitants. The village has originated on the canal of Dedemsvaart and its name is a bar that lay under the bridge in this canal. This beam should prevent ships from overloading from crossing this bridge. In 1886 Balkbrug received a steam tram connection and in 1908 the village grew to a hub of steam tram lines. Around 1960 the canal dredged the Dedemsvaart, which runs through Balkbrug, and the N377 was laid over it.

Balkbrug has 19 state monuments including the Limiethuis (government building), the large mill De Star, the reformed church and many serviced homes. Furthermore, a part of Oud Avereest and Den Huizen is a protected village view, as well as the area partly in and directly south of the village.

The worthwhile to visit are the annual Oldtimers Festival, Zwembad Heuvelstjesbosbad, Wijngoed de Reestlanhoeve, The Reestdal and the Gardens de Kruidenhoeve.


Holiday Farmhouse Balkbrug

Province of Overijssel, Balkbrug
  • Private indoor pool
  • sauna
  • large living space

Holiday Farmhouse Balkbrug

Province of Overijssel, Balkbrug
  • Eleven rooms (two of which with bed boxes)
  • Near outdoor swimming pool
  • Walking routes starting from accommodation

Vakantievilla Balkbrug

Province of Overijssel, Balkbrug
  • Privé binnenzwembad
  • Sauna
  • Royale leefruimte