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Monnickendam is a city in the municipality of Waterland, located on the Gouwzee with about 10000 inhabitants.

On February 25, 1355 - the day after St. Matthijsdag - Monnickendam of the Count of Holland acquired charters and privileges, also called city rights. Monnickendam was part of important privileges, which made the city together with other cities (of Holland) well placed on the map. The city of Monnickendam formed its own legal circle with its own legislation, its own case law and its own administration. This meant the beginning of further growth. A church was built on the thirsty Kerkstraat, Noordeinde, Middendam. Nowadays, only this is the Play Tower.

In 1356, the expansion of the city began and around 1400 a monastery was built near the current Grote or Sint Nicolaas church called Mariëngaarde. The Great Church or Saint Nicolas Church was built after 1400. In 1575, the wall of the city was replaced by a four-port and four bastion walled walls. At the bastion of the Zuiderpoort, the Jewish cemetery was later set up; There is a rest of the wall still present. The rest of the wall surrounds only the fortress, a footpath around the largest part of the historic city.

In addition to the aforementioned Great or Saint Nicolaas church, Monnickendam has a large number of monuments. One of these monuments is the Play Tower at Noordeinde in Monnickendam with a famous carillon. The Play Tower is now a part of the Waterland Museum de Speeltoren and part of Monnickendam is a protected cityscape.

2 nights
6 people

Holiday Farmhouse Monnickendam

North Holland, Monnickendam
  • Bedroom with own bathroom
  • Lend a hand on the farm
  • Boating
  • Amsterdam 15 minutes away