Accommodations in De Koog


De Koog is one of the oldest villages on the Dutch wadden island of Texel, located on the west side of the island. The village is the seaside resort of the island and attracts many tourists every year. De Koog is located almost directly on the North Sea; Only two dunes separate the village of the beach. Before it became a seaside resort, De Koog was a fishing village for a long time. The fishing population drove away after a number of extremely heavy storms. There is almost nothing left of the old fishing village, only the church in the middle of the village, dating back to 1415, and a house next to the church. The village currently has about 1300 inhabitants. De Koog is known for its nightlife in young people on holiday. For example, there is a big disco called "Future" and there are several other (smaller) cafes to find.

2 nights
6 people

Group accommodation De koog

North Holland, De Koog
  • Natural area
  • Beach in walking distance
  • Lots of opportunity for play
  • Numerous walking and cycling routes