Accommodations in Epen

Epen is one of the southernmost villages in the European part of the Netherlands, which is called Limburgs Ieëpe. The village has traditionally belonged to the municipality of Wittem, which merged with Gulpen in 1999 to the new municipality of Gulpen-Wittem. Epen is known for its many half-timbered houses and has about 1100 inhabitants, of which about 750 live in the village itself.

Epen has a total of 18 registrations in the national register. These include many half-timbered houses (both farms and houses), but also St. Paul's conversion: a catholic church building in neoclassic style, in close proximity to the Kapelanie. At the village there are also the two watermills Volmolen and Eper Mill which are both to be visited. Also the Heimansgroeve, named after the inspired nature propagandist Eli Heimans, is near Epen. Here are old geological layers of the Carbon on the surface. Furthermore, every year Kunstdagen Wittem takes place in Epen. East of the village lies the Emmaus building on a hilltop.

In Epen there is a unique zinc violet for the Netherlands. This is due to the presence of zinc ore in the soil. That sink is supplied by the Geul from Belgian Kelmis, where several zinc mines were housed until the twentieth century. In addition to the zinc violet we also find the zinc farmers, the leaf silk and the sheep's grass. There are also sheep cages in the area and several restaurants can be found in Epen.

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Villa Epen

Limburg, Epen
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