Noordijk - called Lower Saxon Noarik - is a small community in the municipality of Berkelland with a strong agricultural character and about 850 inhabitants. The name is derived from Northern District and in the outlying area, old farms are found among farms. Large parts are quiet area.

In the former village house, the Oale Schole, an information center has been set up, where one can find out all about how life has taken place in earlier times.

Around Pentecost, summer celebrations are held (Noariker Pinkster Karmse). In the autumn, a large horse festival is held annually, known as Bollert Bronze. It is held in the area around Noordijk, also known as the Noordijkerveld. Every year in August, the nationally known Jammarkt takes place.

Noordijk used to be on the railway line Neede - Hellendoorn with Halte Noordijk. The track has been broken for years but the station building is still there.

Neede is a big place near Noordijk and therefore Noordijk is also called Noordijk - Neede. In Needer you will find the highest point of Berkelland, the Needse mountain, and a little further in the Achterveld are the last remaining wetlands of the Netherlands. This relatively large place is spread south of the N315 and is surrounded by meadows with a few small pieces of wood.


Holiday Farmhouse Neede

Gelderland, Noordijk-neede
  • Wood stove
  • Outdoor swimming pool on the property
  • Needse Berg 10 minutes away