Accommodations in Geesteren

Geesteren is a village and former municipality in the Achterhoek with about 1400 inhabitants. Generally, neighborhoods in Geesteren are known. From the establishment of the Vereniging Koninginnefeesten Geesteren in 1918, one or two persons from the neighborhoods have been asked to become a commissioner of the "party committee". From the beginning, these commissioners were asked to pick up the other neighborhood residents in their area to decorate a car before the parade. With the celebration of the centennial existence of Geesteren in 1988, every neighborhood was asked to deliver someone to meetings with the board of the VKG and these persons were given the name of neighboring head. These are still an important point of contact in organizing the biennial Orange Festival. Also at other events in the village, the neighboring heads are called upon.

Since 1928, in Geesteren the new year is sounded by music. Members of the Amicitia music club climb the church tower of the Reformed Church to play 'hours, days, months and years' after the clock. This is followed by the reveille by a trumpeter. When the last sounds of this slow up in New Year's Eve, the first fireworks will be cut off.

The Reformed Church of Geesteren is unique in its kind, it is one of the few churches with a saddle roof. Instead of two windsheets, the church has a hen and a rooster on the tower. The corn mill De Ster (from 1859) is also in Geesteren. In total, Geesteren counts seventeen registrations in the national register, including the Reformed Church, The Star and many farms. Geesteren also has ten other municipal monuments.

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