Accommodations in Bant

Bant is a village in the municipality of Noordoostpolder. This still young municipality was dry in 1942, causing Bant to be located on the bottom of the Zuiderzee, below
Sea level thus. The town is popular because of its favorable geographical location, with a direct connection to the A6. It also has a water connection with Lemmer and the Kuinderbos is a short distance away.

With the three provinces of Flevoland, Overijssel and Friesland around the corner, this area provides an excellent starting point for leisure trips. This makes it possible to sail out of Lemmer. The Frisian Lakes provide many water sports opportunities that lead, among other things, to the various 11-town villages. Lemmer is a cozy place in summer and with the Woudagemaal (Unesco
Heritage), the Lemster beach and the cozy center are definitely worth a visit. In addition to Friesland you will find activities like fierljeppen, kaatsen and in Joure there is a large subtropical swimming pool. For the rest seekers, the National Park De Weerribben - Wieden is a stone's throw away from the various group accommodations in Bant.

These beautiful marshlands lend themselves well for beautiful hiking and cycling tours. Rent a whistle boat tour through Giethoorn or rent an old Dafje (or Solex) and visit the various old fishing villages in the region on your own.

Gemeente de Noordoostpolder is sometimes called bald and boring, but nothing is less true. Thus it houses the longest tulip route of the country, visiting the former island of Urk - De Ginkestocht, a recommended or Schokland, and in bad weather, the Orchideeënhoeve lends itself well as indoor activity. Other tips are a taster at Stokerij Verhage, a visit to Wind Experience 11 Beaufort or a good show at Netl The Wildest Garden. And what is there to do in Bant? Leiduiv shooting at KSV de Voorst, swimming at the recreation area de Wellerwaard or go with the forest guard to the adjacent Kuinderbos. At one o'clock of
Utrecht, Groningen and Amsterdam you will find it all!

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