Workation: work and vacation in one!

Meditating in a special place before going to work, a walk in the woods after lunch and a cozy drink on the beach to kick off the weekend? Check! In addition, a new environment is also very good for your creativity and job satisfaction. A workation is suitable for anyone who wants to have a good balance in work and leisure time. offers many accommodations perfect for a workation. Rather be in a wooded area or just close to the beach? has it all! Take a quick look at our group accommodations for a workation ⤵️

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Why a workation?

A workation has many benefits for yourself but also for your employer. You rest better, experience less stress and you can arrange your workday flexibly. Moreover, you will return home with more energy, a new dose of positivity and with lots of inspiration.
It is also possible to go on a workation with your family, when you are done with your working day, then you join them.
During a workation, you don’t have to do housework, you don’t have to do any shopping, and you certainly don’t get distracted by normal daily activities. That makes you experience a new kind of focus. The hours you work are immediately more qualitative than at home. New stimuli often provide new ideas and additional motivation. If you have lost your concentration for a while, you can soak up some culture or lie down by the pool to recharge.

All workation accommodations are customized to make the most of your workplace, Blazing fast wifi, a comfortable desk chair and a coffee maker. In addition to all necessary work equipment, we ensure that workationers can work in quiet places. So no deafening aqua gym or exuberant hotel guests taking you out of focus. Nice extras such as tasty and healthy food, a fantastic view and relaxation activities, you get them in no time.

What is a workation and what are the benefits?

Workation is all about combining work and vacation. Working on vacation used to be frowned upon, now more and more employees are discovering that the benefits of this combination are very positive.

The great thing about a workation is: you don’t have to give up vacation days at all. After all, you will be working neatly during this holiday. You transport yourself to a place where you both work and spend your holidays.

Another advantage of having your own working holiday is that you are less distracted by all kinds of appointments that you would have at home. That saves time and provides a lot of focus. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun! After work, or during your break, you can explore the new environment.

One of the main reasons to work remotely during your vacation is that you don’t have to take time off. Although you should of course discuss it with your boss, there are many jobs nowadays with very flexible options.

The benefits of combining work and vacation include increased productivity and creativity. Without the distractions of colleagues, other things you have to do or noise in the workplace, you can concentrate much better while working.

Another advantage is the fact that a workation can cause you to completely change your mindset. When you work on vacation instead of at the office, you can really enjoy life much more. With the sound of the waves coming ashore, a day’s work really feels a lot more pleasant.

Types of workations

There are different types of workations. One that you organize yourself, and one that is organized. Besides the fact that you can go on an organized workation together with others, you can of course also go on a workation alone. Simply by scheduling a week or month yourself and working from a different place. You don’t necessarily have to do this abroad, you can also go on a workation in the Netherlands. has a lot of different options for this.

What should you pay attention to when organizing a workation yourself?

  1. Well-functioning Wi-Fi
  2. A nice desk or large dining table where you can work comfortably
  3. A fully equipped kitchen, so you don’t have to order all your food
  4. Inspiring environment.
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