Weekend getaway on Mother’s Day

  • Wellness facilities
  • Away with the whole family
  • By the sea

Mother’s Day.. The day we put our mothers in the spotlight a little extra than we normally do. Of course, you can give your mom a weekend getaway as a gift. But why not get away from it all on the weekend of Mother’s Day? This way you can spoil your mother for a whole weekend and a little extra on Sunday. With the beautiful spring weather, there are also plenty of opportunities to go out together.

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For example, choose a holiday home in North Holland. Here you can walk on the beaches and enjoy the outdoors. Does your mom prefer a little relaxation? Then choose one of our wellness accommodations. Here she can relax for a weekend in the whirlpool, sauna or hot tub.

Mother’s Day weekend at the seaside

A holiday home by the sea is always a pleasure and is therefore very suitable to take your mother to for a weekend away on Mother’s Day. Get a breath of fresh air together by the sea! Grab your swimsuit, sunscreen and towels and set off for a wonderful day at the beach. Is the weather a bit worse? Then there are many more activities to undertake. How about a day of shopping, having a drink on the boulevard or taking beautiful cycling or walking tours. During your weekend away on Mother’s Day by the sea, there are plenty of activities to do!

Group accommodations with wellness

Your mother deserves relaxation in the spa! Therefore, rent a group accommodation with Wellness To let your mother and the rest of the group forget all the hustle and bustle for a while and completely unwind. Because let’s face it.. What could be better than completely relaxing in a private sauna, whirlpool or hot tub? Or enjoy the luxury of your own indoor pool or heated outdoor pool together? When you give a weekend away in a wellness accommodation for Mother’s Day as a gift, you can be sure that she will have a nice stay.

Other options for a weekend getaway on Mother’s Day

In addition to a group accommodation by the sea or wellness holiday home, there are plenty of other options to spend your weekend away on Mother’s Day. It probably doesn’t matter to your mother. She already enjoys it when she is with you. However, we still give a few options to make it a little easier for you.

How about, for example, a group accommodation located on a holiday park, where you can make optimal use of these extra facilities. Holiday parks often have various facilities such as a bowling alley, (indoor) swimming pool, activities or play facilities. Fun for the whole family!

Also nice: renting a group accommodation on the Wadden Islands. There are plenty of nature reserves here that are a fantastic opportunity for a holiday home on Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog and that will make your weekend away on Mother’s Day a great success!

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