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It's not so easy to make a small selection of great places to inspire you from over 1300 accommodations. It can't be any easier as a consumer. This is why this pinterest-like page is meant to offer an impression of the holiday homes for groups that we have on offer.

The question: Create an inspiring page that shows a selection of the kind of accommodations you have on offer. Just a pick of your selection to inspire groups that are looking to take a break for a few days. Looking for that perfect original holiday home, they ought to be inspired here and then make their way to advanced search to find available accommodations within their budget. Not an easy task.

This page offers a glimpse of our sometimes unusual but very original group accommodations. That unique accommodation that offers tranquility, lots of space and hospitality. Have a look at these group accommodations.

Whether you're looking for the perfect family home or a great location for a meeting, we have a great selection for all kinds of groups of at least 6 people. From simple and affordable camping farms to luxurious villas or homes in the lap of nature for an exclusive group stay.

The Search & Book function quickly shows you which homes are still available. It is important to decide beforehand when your group is planning to book a stay. Use our handy date and accommodation calender. This allows you to easily plan your stay with your family, friends or colleagues. Do you require more help? No problem! Our help desk employees are available to help you make your choice or answer your questions at number +31 487 59 46 41 (weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00).

Be sure to enjoy those moments spending time together. Find some inspiration below.


Be inspired!

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Original and unique group accommodations

Whether you're looking for a family home or the location for organizing a conference or meeting in a new setting. We offer original group accommodation for all types of groups from 6 people. From an original and affordable camping farm to the luxury villas or special nature accommodations where you as a group can exclusively stay.

With the search and book function you can already easily find the unique group accommodations on offer. This is why it's important to decide in advance what date your group wants to go "away". Our tip is to use our convenient date and accommodation planner. With this you can easily plan with your family, friends or colleagues. Do you want more help with renting a unique group accommodation? No problem! Our help desk staff would love to help you by phone at 0487-594641 (on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm) with making your personal choice, or to answer any other questions.

Choose from for example:

  • Spend a unique night in a water tower
  • Sleep on a farm
  • Unique houses on the waterside

Experience the best "time for each other" moments in a unique group accommodation from GROEPEN.NL!