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You want to rent a perfect holiday home with the right amenities, enough space and of course in the place where you want to spend your holiday. On this website you will find exactly what you are looking for, because here on you will find advertisements of almost all holiday homes that you can rent in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France . You can sort these according to your specific wishes. The results shown will meet this requirement, making it easier for you to compare and make the best choice.

Renting the best rated holiday homes? Many of the holiday homes you can rent on this website have been reviewed by previous users. This is a valuable addition to the photos and descriptions. The more than 10,000 reviews on come out to an average score of 8. In short: on you will immediately find the perfect holiday homes that you want to rent! In addition, makes renting suitable holiday homes just that little bit easier for you. Where you used to have to spend hours comparing different websites, prices and photos, you can now do this in a single environment. The holiday home overview shows everything in detail, whether you are specifically looking for a luxury group accommodation or a special group accommodation.

Renting a holiday home in the Netherlands

Renting a holiday home in the Netherlands is not so easy, as there is a lot of choice. makes it easier for you, because we have put together a large overview of all the large holiday homes in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking for a holiday farm or a luxury holiday villa with a private pool, select your wishes in the Search and Book and a suitable holiday home will always appear. There are suitable holiday homes for every type of need. And do you already have a province in mind to stay during your holiday? Each province in the Netherlands has its own charm, culture, traditions and sights. Maybe you want to get a breath of fresh air on the Zeeland coast or enjoy the Burgundian life in Limburg or Brabant.

If you would like to go away for a weekend (or longer) with friends, family or another group, renting a large holiday home in the Netherlands is the perfect solution! Nice and close to home, but still discovering a different environment and enjoying each other’s company. On the coast, in the countryside, close to the city or in the middle of the forest. Do you want to rent a holiday home in the Netherlands for a specific group? Our holiday homes in the Netherlands can accommodate 10 people, 20 people or even from 50 people to 75 people!

Renting a holiday home in Belgium

For people who would like to discover a country other than the Netherlands, renting a holiday home in Belgium is a perfect solution! The country of our southern neighbors is full of surprises and beautiful places to stay. When you think of Belgium, you often immediately think of the vast forest and hilly landscape of the Ardennes with its rivers, waterfalls and exciting caves. But the Belgian coast is also highly recommended and how about a visit to the bustling cities of Liège or Antwerp? Renting a holiday home in Belgium together with friends or family offers the ultimate base for a pleasant holiday in this country. Taste the Flemish fries, discover new specialty beers and enjoy the Belgian chocolate. For such a small country, there is a lot to do!

A particularly attractive holiday home in a small village in the Ardennes, an apartment on the coast in West Flanders, a holiday home in a beautiful wooded area in the Belgian province of Limburg or a classic villa with sauna and fitness room; Renting a holiday home in Belgium is not that easy! There is a lot of choice, but fortunately you will find everything in one overview at

Renting a holiday home in Germany

When you think of the holiday destination of Germany , you probably think of bratwurst and currywurst, fantastic and versatile nature reserves, cute villages to stay in during the winter sports holiday and the many large cities that this country has to offer, such as Berlin and Munich. We probably don’t need to tell you that Germany is a versatile holiday destination. Would you like to rent a holiday home in Germany? In our offer you will find characteristic holiday homes and modern holiday homes hidden between the mountains, in the forest or in cute towns or in the countryside. Some large holiday homes are also pet-friendly or contain special adaptations for disabled people and seniors.

Eat a schnitzel in a typical German restaurant, make a fast descent down a toboggan run, discover the charming towns and villages of this country or visit a magical castle. Germany also has beautiful nature reserves, such as the Eifel, the Black Forest and Sauerland. Whether you want to rent a luxury holiday home so that you can enjoy all the extras or just want to stay in the middle of nature in a quiet holiday home; Fell Spaβ in this beautiful country!

Renting a holiday home in France

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