Group accommodations for 40 people

If you are looking for a suitable group accommodation for a group of 40 people, it can be quite a challenge. There are not many locations that are suitable for such a large group, but fortunately you will find an extensive range at At you can choose from various group accommodations for 40 people, which are suitable for family outings, team building weekends or association weekends, for example.

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Weekend away with 40 people

At you can choose from various group accommodations for 40 people for a weekend away, spread throughout the Netherlands. For example, you can visit a former monastery in Limburg, a farm in Drenthe or a country house in Gelderland. The accommodations are all unique and offer different facilities and possibilities.

Advantages of group accommodations for 40 people

A group accommodation for 40 people offers many advantages. First of all, of course, it’s the perfect way to spend time together. In a group accommodation you often have more privacy than in a hotel, because you have the entire accommodation to yourself. In addition, you have at your disposal all facilities, such as a kitchen, a living room, a garden or terrace.

Group accommodations for 40 people also offer many opportunities for group activities. For example, you can cook or barbecue together, organize a game night or take a walking or cycling trip in the area. Due to the size of the accommodation, there are often also opportunities for team-building activities or workshops.

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