Accommodations in Willemsoord

Willemsoord is a place in the municipality of Steenwijkerland in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The village has about 600 inhabitants with another 300 in the outskirts and is surrounded by meadows.

Within the line of 34 small cores that the municipality of Steenwijkerland is rich after the merger with Brederwiede and IJsselham in 2005, Willemsoord takes a special place. Willemsoord was founded in 1820. In that year, on behalf of the Society of Benefit, began construction of roads and the construction of the first 100 houses. In addition, the larger buildings such as the home for the deputy director, the spinning room with laundry room, a house for the deputy director factory industry and the school with teacher's house. The necessary land was purchased for example from Het Heideveld Steenwijkerwold.

After the Second World War, at the end of the 1950s, beginning 60, Willemsoord got another face. Between Paasloregel and the brook De Reune was built a new residential area, followed by the new houses in the southwest of the village. In the late 80's, the A32 was built. Primary school had to expand because it became too small to be able to process pupils' attendance. Multifunctional center 't Koloniehuus was established thanks to many voluntary work.

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