Hoge Hexel (formerly called Hooge-Heksel) is a village center in the municipality of Wierden, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It counts about 1000 inhabitants. Hogx Hexel belonged to 1811 under the direction of Kedingen and was one of the so-called Rijssense quarters. In 1811 it was part of the municipality of Wierden. The surrounding area is characterized mainly by meadows and pieces of wood.

The Mark Hoge Hexel has been an independent mark for centuries and was later joined on August 12, 1654, with the Mark Wierden. As such, they became the double mark Wierden and Hoge Hexel. The march heritage of the marke was sold and came into the hands of the Van Rechteren Limpurg family. It was based on the Hof in Hexel, the so-called erve Mensink. The very old market book with 15th century oreces was torn apart and divided over the house archive of Huis Almelo.

In the neighborhood of Hoge Hexel, Twente's high neck dish was located on the border between Salland and Twente. On the Middelhaar the bishop's dike from Ommen and Daarle went to Twente. Around the so-called Olde Black Dike, you entered the Galgenhaar Twente. On the Galgenbelt there are still remains to be seen from where the gallows once stood. 15th century writings and testimonies in the House Archives Almelo talk about the old high court dish of the Twente district at the border between Hoge Hexel and Daarle, which obliged farmers of the Hekzeloe farmers to maintain the Court and the Sweepsgalge.

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Holidayhome Wierden-Hoge Hexel

Province of Overijssel, Wierden-hoge hexel
  • At a park
  • Indoor playground
  • Indoor swimming pool
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Holidayhome Wierden-hoge hexel

Province of Overijssel, Wierden-hoge hexel
  • Completely detached
  • At a resort
  • Indoor activities