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Vollenhove (in Lower Saxony Veno) is a small town in the northwest of the Dutch province of Overijssel (Kop van Overijssel), which has been part of the municipality of Steenwijkerland since January 1, 2001. Vollenhove is the largest place of this municipality after Steenwijk. Vollenhove has about 4200 inhabitants and is surrounded by the Ambt Vollenhove. Local is also called the Land of Vollenhove (or Land Veno). Here the villages and hamlets of Sint Jansklooster, Barsbeek, Heetveld, Kadoelen, De Krieger and Moespot share. Vollenhove is called a city because it had city rights in the Middle Ages. In 2004 it was celebrated that it was 650 years ago that they were granted. There are several Havezates in Vollenhove. Oldruitenborgh was built in the late 15th century and is located on the southern edge of the old Vollenhove and has been extensively rebuilt several times. The haszate Marxveld with the gardens has been the property of the Sloet family for centuries. The walled gardens are laid out in four styles: medieval style, Renaissance, Baroque and Landscape style. Around 1635 a house was built on the Oldenhof, which lay on three sides in the water. Around 1900 a park was built around the house. This garden has been inhabited by a noble family to date. Several attractions in Vollenhove include the Havendagen, Corso and Survival Vollenhove events. But there are also many historic buildings in Vollenhove. The Grote or Sint Niklaaskerk is a late Gothic hall church, built around 1500. The church, which can be found in the church square, was restored between 1968 and 1976. This church is in use by the Protestant church community. The other historical church is the Little or Lady Church, built in 1434, and expanded with a tower in 1461. Part of Vollenhove is a protected cityscape.

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Province of Overijssel, Vollenhove
  • On the edge of the camping
  • Swimming pool
  • The Weerribben around the corner
  • Near some great villages and old towns