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Slagharen is a village in the Dutch province of Overijssel, with about 3000 inhabitants. Slagharen originated as a peat settlement around 1840, when German peat workers (hannekemowers) moved to the east of the Netherlands.

The canal ran through Slagharen, the Lutterhoofdwijk from Lutten, in the direction of De Krim and Coevorden. This canal was built in the middle of the 19th century. Around 1884, 10,729 ships passed the bridge in Slagharen. After the Second World War, the canal lost its importance for shipping and the section in Slagharen was filled in. The N377 was built over the route of the canal.

Slagharen is known for the Ponypark Slagharen, founded by Henk Bemboom. This park has since been renamed Slagharen Amusement Park. In the park itself there is an extra attraction: the Pionier, a flour mill from 1859, also the only national monument in Slagharen. In addition, Slagharen has one more municipal monument: the Sint Antonius monastery.

The name Slagharen comes from ‘slag’, which means piece of land or land, combined with ‘haare’, which means higher ground. The latter fact can be found in the fact that older Slagharen residents still say ‘op Slagharen’ when they mean that something is within the village boundaries.

Slagharen is a predominantly Roman Catholic enclave in a predominantly Protestant environment. Slagharen is one of the few villages in this area that has a long-standing tradition of celebrating carnival. The village is called Turfgat during the carnival.

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