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The Dutch church town of Rouveen (in Lower Saxony Roevène), together with IJhorst, Staphorst and neighboring neighborhoods, forms the municipality of Staphorst in the province of Overijssel. Rouveen borders the neighborhood of De Lichtmis in Zwolle and has more than 3000 inhabitants. Together with the village of Staphorst, Rouveen is a typical example of ribbon construction along the Oude Rijksweg which has a total length of approximately 8 kilometers and ends at the southern side at De Lichtmis. The village has its own anthem: the Rouveense national anthem.

In the center of Kerkplein is the large characteristic reformed church. Furthermore, several other churches are also of Protestant family. In addition, the local middle position for the daily needs is well represented; However, there are no large chains in the village.

The Rouveners have a large private village feel. This is reflected, among other things, by means of annual events such as The Munnikenslagloop, the Klompenracespektakel, a party week, a horse inspection and a tour and the car code on Koningsdag.

On the Kerkplein in Rouveen is the Milkbus monument, a tribute to the last milk bush, which was dumped by the use of milk tanks and automation in 1998. The Milky Way Monument was created by a ludicrous action by a group of friends during the year-end and was funded by the local independent cooperative dairy factory "The Small Profit".

In total, Rouveen's site has 116 entries in the national register, most of which concerns farms.

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Province of Overijssel, Rouveen
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